Monday, March 1, 2010

Puke or Poop

Which do you prefer?  I personnaly don't prefer either, however if left to deal with one of the two mentioned bodily fluids I'll take poop any day.  I know this sounds weird, but poop is well, just poop.  You know it is going to smell, so you just suck it up and clean it up.  It is typically contained in a diaper or underwear of sorts, unless there is a major blowout.  Puke on the other hand takes you completely by surprise, and can smell very similar to whatever the person has been slowly digesting.  Plus the violent projectile vomiting of the puke can land in various places, therefore making it harder to clean up.  I am normally the sort of person who can handle either situation with an iron gut, but coming off a pregnancy where my gag reflex was very sensitive has left me a weenie.  Now that you all are thoroughly grossed out I will explain why this morning I am writing about puke. 

This little booger

I have spent the last week washing multiple loads of laundry because Calla caught the nasty 24 yuck that was going around.  Her cousins who were in town visiting caught it first, and combine that with birthday parties and school, it was inevitable she would catch it.  I can deal with a sick toddler.  They just whine a lot and want to watch tv all day and snuggle with you.  Heck, I can even deal with a sick man.  They are pretty much like the toddler however they don't want to snuggle. 

But a sick infant will rock your world.  She may look innocent, but she can puke like nobody's business.  I am thinking she has the same funk the others had .  The worst part of it is I can't give her Coke products to make her feel better.  Coke products always make me feel better.  I am pretty much convinced Coke and Claritin allergy medicine will solve most problems and ailments.  Look at me I am a Coke junkie and I hardly ever get sick.  Or so I thought.......

I figured we were in the clear with Indie and I till she decided to puke on possibly the sweetest girl I dance with at a baby shower yesterday.  No biggie right, just a little spit up.  No people, this was not good.  It suddenly occurred to me what I was in for that evening.  It wouldn't have been so bad if I hadn't been feeling the same craptastic way.  I managed not to puke, however all the poor baby did was throwup last night and into today.  Needless to say I spent the evening hugging a bowl, my breast pump, and Indie.  For the love, has it been 24 hrs yet, because I am starting to get really sick of cleaning up after the puke.  Thank goodness Dave is still functioning as normal as possible given he plowed snow last night.  So no birthday pictures from Calla's party as promised.  When you try and take pictures of children around presents and cake and ice cream it is pretty much a hopeless cause for any good pictures.  In the mean time, this is how Indie feels:

Me, I look 10 x's worse. 

Off to take a shower, and throw in another load of laundry. 


  1. wholly crap, cara! i just read today's blog and can relate. christian's been in the same state since 3am....:P let's just get this over with already! here's to kicking the funk's ass! hope you and the little one feel much better!

  2. i am so so so sorry!!! I hope he didn't get it up at the house. India doing better if she burps after feeding. it is a process though. Tell Chrstian to feel better so we can go eat some popcorn!! XOXO

  3. Oh my god! She ended up getting it?! How did she survive that? She's so little :(