Thursday, January 8, 2015

Vintage Whites Market

So this is happening Friday night and all day Saturday.

Dave and I are heading out to the Ranch on Friday night with pre bought tickets. Yup, taking him on a date. He will love it. Until I start buying things that is.  

Who knows? Maybe it will inspire me to dust off some of the stuff I have been hoarding out in the ol' dairy barn from my previous life as a dealer of antique garden ornaments and such and get back in the game. What….wasn't every new college graduate an antique dealer?

Oooh maybe say with a Summit Barn twist thrown in for fun and good measure? 
Anyway, moving on. ;)

Or, it may bite me in the butt and make me want to buy all.the.things for the farmhouse we have no room for because I have a shopping problem and we have plenty already. 

Not to worry though, I am very good about justifying things and why they need to come home with me. Case in point, it is how I ended up dragging a ridiculously heavy behemoth of a vintage Fridgidare home from Denver to live in the mudroom and store things like sunscreen and dog shampoo.

Let's just say my Father still curses me for what it took to get it back to Fort Collins. Picture in your mind us shoving it into my Mother's SUV already full with 4 adults and 2 small kids, in bucket car seats and my BOB stroller. No truck of course because A. that would be too practical, and B. there was no plan to buy said fridge. (Never is for the good stuff!)  It wasn't pretty folks, and I'm sure it was somewhat illegal. I blame the Fridgidare. It told me it to do it! 

I want to know what your favorite thing you have ever brought home from an antique show/flea market was? Oh and, if you end up going to the show, message me and we can share a cupcake. I'd be happy to help you justify some purchases before you take them home!


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