Wednesday, April 4, 2012

My life in a nutshell

Last night Dave and I watched a PBS special on Hawaii.  (such fun bags we are)  It brought back memories of our honeymoon, and made us both realize how bad we both need a vacation.

Without our lovely children.  :)

Hawaii is our happy place, and as nice as the new Disney resort on Ohau sounds, it just isn't the same.  So in order to cope, I am making teriyaki chicken with white rice and macaroni salad for dinner, and listening to the Hawaiian channel on Pandora.  BTW if someone wants to come make me a pina colada I am not going to turn them down.  Cause that is the best I'm gonna get in Colorado in April.

Completely unrelated to this are a whole bunch of pictures for your enjoyment.  If I start telling all of the stories of the past month like a Polynesian Grandma, we'll be here till this evening, and then my dishes will continue to wrap around the corner, grow legs, and head out the door.  Not to mention the freakin inbox might just explode.  Enjoy, Aloha and Mahalo!

Pretty sure the clown was responsible.

This is what happens 5 min. after I attempt to organize toys.

Work and Abby Cadabby.  Too bad she can't poof my work done.

Spring in the house.

Got the elastics sewn at least.  No clue where the ribbons went.  Wish I could wear them more.

It snowed.....once.

Landscaping the front yard.

Sisters n Wellies


Front path almost done, deck and stairs next.

So....Ringo Starr walked into Target, and came out as Elton John.

Work.... this time not at my house.  Like duh! 

G is for Garanimals from the 70's.  Wish those pants still fit me.

A new clothesline for Calla.

Can't complain about the view while running up the road.  

The newest member of our family that takes longer to get ready then the two of them combined.
Julie the American Girl Doll birthday present. just imagine it on all the counter tops.  

The End  


  1. Yes... you guys do need a Hawaii vacation just the two of you. I'm holding you to that later this year ;) Love the pics! XOXO

  2. Talking Jan of next year. I wish this year. Thanking the heavens we are booked through with work till July now!!!

  3. hahaha I loved all the pics - cute. I MISS HAWAII EVERY DAY I AM NOT THERE!!!!! sorry for shouting but I sometimes wish I never went b/c I loved it so much. I crave it everyday. I hope you get to go away.

  4. What beautiful pictures! I wish Hawaii could be MY happy place! LOL. Man, you have no idea how that picture of those pointe shoes brought back memories...burning the ends of the ribbon to keep them from fraying, sewing them into my shoes at an angle...wrapping them around my ankle and the feel of wonder when I learned how to dance on my toes...

  5. Oh my goodness April, I found the ribbons and almost lit the house on fire. I forgot how quickly those things burned up.

    I think we should all go to Hawaii. NOW!!!