Monday, April 4, 2011

Home again home again jiggity jiggity

To market to market to buy a fat pig.  In my case I went to the Pike Place Market bought some sausages and came home the fat pig. Not from the sausages but the red velvet cupcakes. 

Oh Pike Place how I miss you already. $10 flower bouquets full of spring flowers and cherry blossom branches. $10 seriously ........

Ok, in case y'all were wondering if I ever made it home from Seattle because I have been gone so long from the blog..... I did.  I have just been going balls to the walls since we got back.  Did you enjoy the travel emails between my parents and myself from England?  I just couldn't help myself.  :)

Anyway I did make it to WA and home w/out too many mishaps.  I say not too many because this is my kids and I we are talking about.  It turns out the small child named after a 3rd world country did make it through security ok.  Sort of......

It was Calla who started things off by crying when the TSA agent asked her her name.  This is the kid who still hides in between my legs if you say hi and tell her you like her tutu.  And here is the very official TSA agent asking her her name to see if she is supposed to be with me or not.  Um, did you not get your daily dose of caffine this morning.  Come on, she is my mini me dude.  Good thing India's name wasn't on a ticket.  It just said Inf. 

So here we are schleping and stripping our way through security, and get behind a nice Dad like figure who helps us push our stuff in the buckets down the belt.  Cool.  All the while I am slowly undressing India and praying to Budda they don't make me take the pacifier out of her mouth to get scanned.  It's plastic and stuffed in her mouth, and besides what the hell could I hide in it anyway?  I am so not kidding when I say no sooner do we watch all of the stuff go through the xray and Calla is through the scanner does India decide to puke right in the middle of the floor, and all over the xray belt.  Nothing like hearing over a TSA agent's radio, "we are going to need to get a wet cleanup on lane 4?" Needless to say by this point Calla is starting to freak out a little bit because they won't let her go back through the scanner to get to us, so I just left the milk puke all over the floor and scurried my butt though the scanner before a level 10 mermaid freak out took place with Calla, and India puked again.  Who cares if everyone was looking at me expecting me to clean it up.  I wasn't about to stick around.  In case you were wondering, mermaid freak outs are the kind that involve flailing, and are so not fun at 6 am.  

We only had one more puke episode on the plane and I was covered there, because I had a blanket and Calla couldn't decide if she had to go to the bathroom or not so we were up and down and up and down.  Get up try and go, nope... back to the seat.  Rinse and repeat 5 more times.  I had to make sure I switched bathrooms each time because India kept pulling out all of the Kleenex and paper towels while she was sitting in the sink waiting.   Have you ever tried to poop on a plane?  Kind of sucks, so I don't blame her.  This is why I book an aisle seat and not a window. 

Things truly didn't get fun until the flight attendant spilled a 1/2 a can of Pepsi in my lap while she was pouring it for the person in front me.  So glad I wore the skinny jeans.  It was at this point I found myself turning into a 5 yr old and muttering to myself...."Are we f*ing there yet!?" 

Lets just say it was a good thing I was meeting my sister on the other end and not the Pope, because it was only 10am and I had a super sticky crotch and smelled like milk puke.  Whatever, that didn't stop me from changing my shirt in the car so we could head off to the land of Swedish Meatballs. 

I am not sure why I didn't take more pictures for y'all.  There were plenty of opportunities, I just kept missing them because we were so busy wrangling 4 kids and making sure we didn't leave anyone behind.  Sorry.  Some of the cutest ones we took were of all of them in the tub at the end of the day.  Those went to Grandma.  Jon did take some good pictures of the kids.  This is why he is the professional and not me.  We did the typical things like run around downtown Seattle, play at the Children's Museum, and shop.  We had a nice dinner with Dave's Aunt, Uncle and Cousin.  Love them!!!!  I'll use the excuse it was raining as to why I didn't take a picture of us after dinner. 

Goldilocks and baby bear

Doing a construction project at the museum

Anywhoo, the plane ride home was uneventful which was good.  India slept for 40 min or so, and I paid $8 for Calla to watch Tangled again.  It was the only way I could keep her still because she was so excited to see Dave and eat TCBY when he picked us up. 

All in all it was a good trip and I can't wait to go back. Calla misses her cousins already and besides I need some more stories to tell.  

Be sure and check in later this week.  My out of order favorite things post will be all about gardening.  Because that is what I am all consumed with these days.  Other peoples and mine. 


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