Thursday, February 25, 2010

For the love of God send some pictures already

For all of you who are constantly bugging me about pictures and such, I am hoping this blog will help out with that small problem I have.  I know I am really bad about sending pictures.  Always have been. The last pictures some of my friends and family have of me was when I was a platinum blond 95 lb wannabe ballerina sustaning on nothing but peas and rice and wearing really short cut off shorts and too much makeup.  Ah the good old days........ 

Anyway, I am not sure what my problem is.  I hate being in pictures, but don't usually mind taking them if I can remember my camera.  And I know what you are all thinking "she has all of her shoes in her closet neatly labeled in clear plastic boxes but can't find the time to send out some stinkin pictures of her kids once in a while!"  Maybe one of these days I'll get myself a life with a normal schedule.  Then I will have the time and energy it takes to sit down and send out photos on a regular basis to family and friends. Ha!!!!  Who am I kidding.  I will never have that life, because I can't sit still long enough to have it, let alone ever have a normal schedule, so this blog will just have to do.

You can expect to see pictures of my kids, my dogs covered in mud, friends and family, and my horny rooster Maude who is currently the Madame in drag at "Birdie's Bordello of Love" aka my chicken coop.  You may also see random photos of weird people or things I see along the way while out and about.   I will probably go off on some ADD like rants at times as I share my thoughts on things.  My grammer will most likely be incorrect, and there may be some bad words mentioned.  Don't worry this is normal.  It could be worse, you could be my mom or sister who get multiple phone calls a day from me involving these random thoughts and questions in my head.  Some posts will make complete sense and some will leave you wondering "what the hell...." But hey, at least I am posting photos :) 

Let me introduce you to my family:

This is my daughter, husband and I in Idaho for a cousin's wedding last May.  It was supposed to be the photo for our Christmas card, but seeing as I am even worse at sending out Christmas cards then I am pictures, it never happened.  After we got home from the wedding this happened 8 months later:

This is our other daughter

So now we look like this:

By the way, cameras like cell phones should be banned at hospitals.  It just isn't right.  Especially after one has major surgery involving the removal of their insides on the table.  I should look on the bright side though, at least I had some makeup on. 

So now I am the proud mom to her:



And Him:

Y'all come back now ya hear! 

XOXO, Cara:)


  1. LOVE IT!!! Can't wait to follow you on the blog! I miss you :)I cannot wait to meet Maude...he sounds fabulous!

  2. Love you and miss you too. This is such a fun way to vent!. XOXO